when there is no lights,
like in our country,
with this temperature getting cold,
and everyone its getting flu…

Somewhere in the dark of my room i try to search, my real mee, its takes time to do it, first of all, i have to make reflections about your past, what you have donne, if its bad or if its good, then i stop to think how i can change my future, what things bad, i’ve done, in the past months, so i start to get in a point so far, in my mind where i dont hear, i dont feel, and i dont talk, (thats what i call getting in trance!).

its take time to practice, but those reflections help to you, to change your personality, and to thinking forward about what do you have to do in a future near….

this technique was teached by a friend that I met in weekend in the beach of Juan Dolio, thats person named Edward, was the old of all of us, he said that he recorded all things that he do, and its true, he also said in the night, he start to talk about himself, his life and how is the technique about getting in trance, “i dont dream in the nights” he said if he dreams if four about three hours, he talk about their regression, and a lot of things wery weird that now I understand,….

traveling without moving?
do you understand?

believe it or not

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