Curso de Sankies For Dummies 1-3

Seniores Seniores Encontre un Curso de Sankies Pankys For Dummies les voy a dejar el texto completo y la definicion de lo mismo… hahaha

“In the Dominican Republic, men who work in the informal economy of the tourist sector are known as sanky pankys (a word play on hanky panky). Sanky pankys, or beach boys, are gigolos who cater exclusively to foreign tourists, providing sexual services and companionship to both men and women, straight and gay. Sanky pankys originally appeared on the tourist scene during the late 1970s when organized gay tours were widespread in the area (De Moya et al. 1992). Today they work primarily with white, middle-aged foreign women who seek romance and adventure with young, fit, and dreadlocked black men (De Moya et al. 1992; Herold, García, and De Moya 2001; Sánchez Taylor 2001).”

Off hand I must add that I do not believe that ALL resort workers are sankies. There is something called common sense that if some people would just use their common sense, they would know a sankie from a mile away. Ony thing that amazes me is that some of the lines that some people fall for, have been used for generations. At the resort, at the beach, at the disco and everywhere while on vacation, use your common sense.Do tourists know that a resort worker is supposed to be courteous, friendly and cordial at all times?. No. They are that way because they are supposed to be that way with you.

They are supposed to be extra friendlier to whomever come to the resort. It’s in their job description. The better they treat you, the more time you will go to that resort and the more you go, the better it’s for business. It does not matters if you are 5 or 90 years of age, fat or skinny, ugly or beautitul, they WILL try to treat you like royalty.Some will take a vacation for various reasons. Could be because they are tired of the every day routine, tired of the kids, tired or working without a break, tired of their spouses, just ended a relationship, being treated bad in previous relationships, being taken for granted or just for the fact that you need a break from it all.

For any reason whatsoever, there are many tourists that are vulnerable, some may have a very low self-steam for any of the above reasons and then they end up going to a place where everybody is going to treat you great. They are going to make you aware that you are marvelous and that you are the greatest thing in God’s green earth. They will flirt with you non stop. They will make you aware that you are loved, desired, beautiful, special and wanted. They will make you see yourself as being this magnificant speciment that can do no wrong. Since everybody is being so nice to you, now you will start to feel more at ease and will let your guard down. Since your guard is down, then that’s where the party begins.By the time you open up, they already know more about you than what you think. They started studying you the minute you walked thru the door. “Max” tells me that they even make bets to see who is going to score first, who is going to bed them first, who is going to make more money off you. “Max” says that to them a score is a score and they know that the uglier, and fatter the person is, the more they can take out of them. It does no matters if they work in the kitchen, as waiters/waitresses, mopping the floor or whatever, when they see a tourist, they see money signs. “Max” tells me that he knows of only a few resort worker that are not sankies but that for the right amount of money they would do whatever is necessary. “Max” wants to be promoted to animation because he says that those guys are the ones having all the fun. He says that some of those guys would even bed 4 or 5 girl on the same night. That they would do whatever is needed to be done in order to “make my trophie” happy.You have to ask yourself what make you so ispecial that all these workers are after you .

If you don’t get the same where you came from, then why is it that all of a sudden you became a male or female “magnet”. Remember that they are watching you and the moment they see that you have left the “door open”, (could have been for something as simple as a smile), they will go after you. Notice that even if you are polite to them and brush them off, they will go back and talk with you again and again, when they know that you are going to take a longer time to conquer, then they will decide if they should go to the next victim and then it’s time for the other in line to try and ask you out. They can use any type of methods in order for you to “see” that you should trust them.

They WILL tell you how beautiful you are, how you caught their eyes the moment they saw you. They just want to plan the seed because if you let them plant that see, you are almost theirs. All of a sudden they need to talk to you in private but “I can’t here because there is too many people and I am working and I just need to talk with you for a few minutes but away from here”. Now come the invitation to “take you around town and show you a good time, show so many beautiful things away from the resort”. Now they need to tell you that they will take you to “some discos that they know that is very good, I will pay for everything”. Even if you say no a few times, they can be very persistent and you, trying to be nice, would just give in, maybe their dancing moves did the trick, maybe they seemed nice, for whatever reason. Since you already said yes, now thay know that it’s just a matter of time before they try to bed you becasue that’s all that it’s in their mind.

Now is time for them to practice with all their co-workers on how they will seduce you, now they needs to compare notes because as, you know, they were all watching you but that particular one was the one that won the first bet. And also because he/she will need money to take you out since he/she told you that he/she would pay for everything.

The sankie will probably pay for the first time and maybe even a few times but at the end all they are just trying to do is gain your trust because in their mind, no matter if they have to pay a few times, by the end of the relationship, they would be “paid” by you thundreds of times more.

When they get you alone at a disco or restaurant, now it’s time for them to start telling you, little by little, some of the things that they hate about their job and how much of a good person they are:To be continued with PART 2 because it’s getting pretty long.

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