Curso de Sankies For Dummies 2-3

Sigo con la continuacion del Curso…

Now they have your attention and now, since the tourists let their guard down (for any given reason), it’s now that their work really starts. At the disco, they will let you see their dancing talents. They will try and make you feel like you are the center of their attention and they WILL only have eyes for you. They will devote all their time and energy making you believe that they are doing all this for you so you can have fun.

Meanwhile, in their mind, they are just waiting for the right moment for you to be the happiest in order for them to start with the coming on to you. If the tourist was traveling with another person, they will immediately try to find a “date” for the friend. When it’s time to sit and talk, now it’s time to tell you that they have no girlfriend of boyfriend (they never do)., that they have no time for that right now because they have not found the right one. Thay might tell you on the first outing that they are looking for someone just like you. They will tell you that you are beautiful and that how come you don’t have a companion. Most will tell you that they are not happy at their job but that they need to be there because there is nothing else to do because it’s hard to find a job. Little by little they will start telling you that they are poor but very happy and proud people. That they just like to have a good time. They start to tell you about their family, not everything yet. After taking you out 1 or 2 times and they already know that you like him/her, it you are “smart” enough to go to bed with them, boy, that’s where the other ballgame begins.

They will make love to you like nobody have ever made love to you before (at least they will try). They will make you feel so special, loved, desired and wanted and now you will start to put things in your head because now you are starting to fall in “lust” with that person. Now it’s time for them to put in your mind whatever they want. They will tell you how happy you make them and how much they are starting to love you. They will tell you that they don’t want you to leave.

They will ask you to change your plans and leave at a later time because now it’s when the 2 of you are having the most fun and he/she does not want it to end. They will make love to you everyday and as many time as necessary because all they want is for you to really care about them because that way, it would be easier for them to start taking advantage of you. Now it’s time for the toutist to leave and now there are so many good memories with the resort worker that she/he promises to come back and see her/him again. Now the tourist starts to believe all the garbage that they were told because this person now is all they want. Now you are home and they will call you every now and then. They will tell you that they can not call you all the time because they do not have enough money. Little by little they will start to tell you of all the problems that they or they families have. In time they will tell you something like: his mother is going to be evicted, his brother was taken to jail, his sister had a miscarriage, his father fell down and needs medical attention, his nephew was stabbed, he needs to go to a funeral for a loved one, his other sister was in a car accident, etc. While telling you all these things, he will make sure to tell you that he does not have the money to take care of all the above problems. (I am not saying that they will say it exactly that way, I am just giving an example of some of the many excuses that they can use in order to have their “victim” feel sorry for them). Some are very slick and they would even tell you about all the problems that they have but would tell you that they do not want you to give them money, just to lend it to them.

They will come up with all the excuses in the book, from “I only get paid once or twice a month and I don’t have the money now”, ” I am so sorry that I have to ask you for money but I will pay you back as soon as I get paid”, “I am the only one that can help them but I don’t have the money now”, ect. If they ask you to bring them anything at all, raise that red flag. There have been many situations where the tourist does not use their common sense. For instance: If you are a famale tourist, there is no excuse that you are the one that have to call him most of the time. If he cares or loves you so much like he says, he should call you almost all of the time. If I was a female and a man tells me ” I can not call you because I don’t have money” I would never take that man seriously. How can anybody starts a relationship with someone that is not able to support himself and that can not even spend 20 pesos on a phone call.

From a personal point, If I am after a woman and I want to get to know her, I will call her even if it is for 2 minutes a day. I will call her the day that I tell her that I am going to call. “Max” tells me that he would not call some of his “victims” for weeks and that they are the ones that call him. They buy him cell phones and send him money for him to pay his bills.

Some tourists still fell that they can come to the DR and be with their resort worker and they do not get throught their mind that if this person can does not call them when they say, this person never has money, this person is always asking them for money, this person is always asking to “borrow” money. Then what kind of future are you supposed to have with someone like that.Part 3- What to do to catch them in their lies.

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  1. emmmmmm, me he tirado 3 semanas traduciendo tesinas que estaban en inglés y estoy muuuuuuuuuuuuu saturada!
    si tal cuando vuelvas al querido y maravilloso español te dejo un comentario más interesante jesjesjes

    mientras tanto….hola!que tal?todo bien? me alegro! jejeje


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