Curso de Sankys For Dummies 3-3

BY now you are already geeting used to them not having money, ever. The excuses would come in bunches, little by little: They need money to buy something for the house, they need money to put cards on their cell phones, one by one their family member would have an accident and they need the money for the hospital and medicine, they can not call you because their phone was cut off because they did not have the money to pay it, they are always in need of new clothing, they are always at the clubs after work because they miss you and they need to relax becuase they miss you too much, they are never home when you call because they are always visiting their families, their friends always pay for them because they never have money, all their good clothes were given by friends, they do not want to marry you because they do not want you to think that they are after a green card, but would accept an invitation to visit you considering that you have to pay for it since they have no money( be careful with this last one because sometimes they rather milk a few tourists because as “Max” tell me, he has traveled to 5 different countries because he tell his “trophies” that he does not want them to think that he is after them for financial gain.

He has all these tourists applying for visas for him to go visit them). The ones that do not want to leave the country are those that have the most tourists applying for visas for them, Some sankies would not marry a tourist because they know that if they get married, they would not be able to go with the others and the other tourists could not apply for visas for them.Remember that if you go visit them, keep your eyes open.

Also keep in mind that there are many hints that you can put in your head when something is looking fishy. When you go visit he/she, there’s no excuse that he/she can not take off for that day. If it was planned ahead of time, they shoud try their darness to be with with at all times. If they give you any type of excuses as to why they can not get off, even for 1 or 2 days, raise that red flag. If you have to pay for most of the meals and beverages every time you go out, red flag, if they ask you how much money you brought, if you have to pay for the taxis or the gasoline most of the time, red flag, if they do not take you to their non-resort worker friends, red flag, if they do not take you to their familes, red flag (this is little bit tricky because most would take you to their familes in order to get you to trust them, this, they would do this most of the time), DON”T EVER GO AND STAY AT THEIR FAMILY HOME, EVER, BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE THEIR FAMILY MONITOR YOUR EVERY MOVE, you will end up staying there all the time while they are at work, if they offer you to stay at their homes, be careful because that can be intrerpreted as them not wanting you to know what’s going on at the resort.

Remember that you have your own mind and you can make decisions for yourself, do not let them tell you how to act and how to behave. Don’t think that whatever they say is the gospel. As B/e said on her post: these people would even cry looking at you straight into your eyes becasue they want you to believe that they love you so much. They would look so sincere and loving. And as she said, she know of some sankies, while she was working at one resort, that this guy would actually pinch himself in order to make himself cry so the tourist would believe that he was “the real deal” and cared so much about them.

As I stated, they would do anything.When they ask for help, tell them that you are not his/her mother and let them take care of their own problems. They had the same problems before they met you and somehow they took care of it. If they keep on asking and you keep on refusing to help them, see how quick they lose interest in you. If after you go to visit them, they still go out partying but do not take you with them, red flag.There are many things that one can do in order to catch them on their lies:Whenever you can, just fly over by surprise. No not tell them that you will be going and study their reaction.

Stay at the same resort that they work. Tell whomever can listen that you are his/her girlfriend/boyfriend. Know all their moves. If you happen to know a former spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend of their, ask that person questions about him even if he does not want you to. Go visit their family even if they do not take you to them. Go to his home and look around for pictures of him.

Make their co-worker aware that you are there and also study their reactions and the way that they will start to whisper things to them when you are around. From afar, study their body languages when they are talking to other tourists at the resort. If by any reason you see that they are not acting as nice as when you met them, it could mean that you are stopping them from doing the same thing they did to you to other. Demand that they take you everywhere when they are not working.

The ultimate test would be to tell them that you feel very unconfortable because they work at a resort and resort worker have a bad reputation and that if they really loved you, that he/she should try and get a different job. I can promise you that the first thing that they would say is that they know about the way that resort workers are looked upon, but that he/she is not like that. They would even act like they are so offended by what you just said. They would act hurt and sad at the same time.

They would probably tell you that yes, they would look for a different job to make you happy but that it would take time because it’s hard to find a good job. They would just tell you that because they want you to feel like they are trying to please you and that they care about you. But in the long run, they would not change jobs but at the same time, would tell you that they are still looking. If they ever tell you that they used to bed tourists but that now they don’t do it anymore, run like hell. Demand respect, attention and love without having to pay for it. Use your mommon sense and self respect.

If you have any inclination that he/she is not faithful, listen to your brain and dump their a**es. There is not reason that you have to support your boyfriend or girlfriend. They were supporting themselves somehow before you came along. Ladies, if you need to give or send money to your boyfriend for any reasons whatsoever, shame on you. When a man is a true man, he would try to take care of his lady the best way he knows how. He needs to pamper you, care for you and make you feel like the princess that you are. He should treat you with respect, love and understanding and it does not matter if you make 10 million more than him, he should pay for everything when you go out with him, at least in my book he should. Tell him that if he loves you as much as he says, to stop telling you and to start showing you.

My great and wonderful mother(Grhs) used to tell me and my 5 brothers that a man is not a male that would get a female pregnant and then leaves her, a man is a man when he takes care of all his responsabilites without asking anybody for help. If you have someone asking you for money and help all the time, then why in hell do you want to be with that person at all. They want to be with you, fine let them court you and then you be the judge if that person can be a lifelong partner.


Ps: Not all resort workers are sankies and not all sankies are resort workers!!Pss: I will start to pass the hat around and I am not accepting pesos. Dollars only,hehehe.

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