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This post is an answer to this post: Why I Left Canada and Became A Citizen of the Dominican Republic written by Jeff Berwick in


Hola Jeff!

I’m a Dominican, currently in Canada, permanent resident and in order to promptly obtain Canadian citizenship. Dominican citizen as well.

I think you’re living in a perfect bubble in the Dominican Republic in the bubble that many aspire to live. The tax issue is what worries me least of your case honestly. Who does not pay taxes in the Dominican Republic, simply is not contributing to the economy, and therefore its presence does not add to a country, and now DR needs people who join and contribute financially.

Dominican taxes, are paid by the poor and middle class. Rich or government people, corrupt people don’t need to pay taxes, they just need how to avoid them, and I’m pretty sure you can help them

I feel embarrassed to know that what most pleases you the most of Dominican, is just that, how fast you’ve made it to people with high ranks, that at the end of the day what you want to achieve is to belong in some way to that circle.

Let me mention something, if you have not been able to understand in the 10 years you have in my country that, that circle you like to belong, is a closed circle.

Closed for those who are honest, transparent and not corrupt. But it is a totally open to foreign or domestic people that want to surround next to a long list of corrupt.

It gives me a lot of laughter your comment about that there is no racism in Dominican. Will you have not had the opportunity to understand the migratory racial situation that exists with our Haitian neighbors? It really would not think that in these 10 years you don’t see or touched yourself with racism towards Haitians, I still cannot believe it.

Perhaps you have not seen it, go back to the circle and the bubble in which you are. I challenge you to get out of the bubble in which you try to live in Dominican, and experiment the two of the most important points we are going through: Insecurity and corruption.

I hope you have a good health insurance and never ever visit a public hospital, a public school or a public jail.

Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, mismanaged.

It has beautiful beaches and its people is what makes it more welcoming.

You want to not sell what is not. Dominican Republic is not a tax haven. Get out of the bubble in which you’ve got.


A Dominican who pays taxes.


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